Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not my regular Tuesday suit...

1. Note, if you will, the new header designs, both here and at my portfolio site. I'm quite proud of them, actually, but feel free to tell me if you're not.

2. I've also been busy this week and last finishing up two illustration projects. One: a piece for St. Anthony Messenger magazine's October issue. Check it out if it crosses your path! And two: for a holiday art contest for a local card company. I'll post both pieces once I have good scans of them.

3. This week's Illustration Friday entry may become my next postcard mailing-- and because it may become my next postcard mailing, it may not be finished in time to be my Illustration Friday entry. Quite the paradox, eh? If nothing else, I'll post the sketch or color study. And I'll be very interested in feedback on this one!

4. Got my new Children's Writers and Illustrators' Market yesterday! It's beautiful and informative, as usual. And there's a fantastic piece about self-promotion for illustrators. Worth a look.

4. I want to reiterate that I'm eager to give out ten and a half points to whomever can identify the source of my blog title. I'm sure there are literally dozens of you out there reading this and pondering it, so I'm going to up the ante... the winner will not only be awarded ten and a half points (don't make me cave and give eleven!) but he or she will be invited to "drink from the keg of glory." [That's a hint. In case you didn't recognize it by the quotation marks. Also the title of this post comes from the same source. C'mon, somebody out there's got to have the same taste in television as me!]

And that is all. Until next time...

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