Monday, January 14, 2008

Pizza adventures

If this boy looks as maniacal to you as he does to me, it's only because he's so CRAZY about well-made pizza.

I've made a fair few pizzas in my thumb-sized kitchen in the last few months (below: an early attempt). I've decided that it's hard to go wrong with the toppings (maniac boy's choice: mushrooms, black olives, red onions, and goat cheese, along with the traditional mozzarella.) The sticking point for me as a pizza chef is the crust.

Does anyone reading this know Dewey's Pizza? If you're in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, or St. Louis, you really should. It's the best EVER. And its crust is exquisite... so indescribably good that I can't even decide what words to put in Google alongside "recipe" and "pizza crust" and "good." Thin, but soft. Light and fluffy, with plenty of air pockets. Chewy and almost pastry-like. OH MY GOODNESS. I want to make it at home so badly but can't find a good recipe.

So... if you're reading this and think you might have the pizza dough recipe that I'm looking for, despite my inability to put words to my desire (or if you just want to share a good one) leave a comment, or email me. I may have to come up with some kind of reward for a truly amazing recipe...


  1. Oh yum! I'm with Pizza Boy!

    I was craving pizza last night and have decided to make home-made for dinner tonight. You're so right--it's the crust that makes it. Sorry I can't help you with a replica recipe for Dewey's dough. Have you googled around to see what you could find? You know, I've heard people say that sometimes pizza parlors will sell their dough. You could see if your local Dewey's will part with some for you (and maybe some extra to stash in the freezer). As for my recipe, I'm still looking. I don't make pizza enough to really have a staple so I'm just going to go with a standard bread recipe. Keep us posted if you find a really good dough recipe, though!



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