Friday, January 18, 2008

West Wing scribbles

If you're going to laze on the couch on a Thursday night, watching your favorite TV show on DVD, you might as well do it with a pencil and sketchbook in hand, right?
For the uninitiated, these are characters from The West Wing. I had particular fun, as you can see, with Toby (the floating scowl in the center of the page.) He has a wonderfully expressive face. Also, in case anyone's wondering-- that's Margaret next to Josh, not CJ. It's CJ's eye in the bottom corner. I hope the rest are identifiable to those who know the show (despite the fact that Sam looks like a woman). Cheers! Happy Friday!


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  2. The all look pretty good. Unfortunately... I've never seen the show, and all I know is that Martin Sheen was in it, and at one time so were Jimmy Smits and John Goodman.

  3. Very nice! Glad you cleared up the CJ/Margaret confusion--now that you say that, it looks VERY like Margaret, but I was looking for CJ. Toby is great!

  4. Wow... i always knew that i didn't think Donna was that attractive (though i loved her character) and your sketches completely illustrate why. Hm.

    Very nice.



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