Sunday, February 24, 2008

Illustration Friday: MULTIPLE

Anybody out there read Three Lives to Live? It was my favorite book for maaaany years, and its author Anne Lindbergh (daughter of the one you're thinking of ) was my favorite author for those same years. This is a sketch for an Atkins family portrait, circa 1993.

Three Lives to Live is a book about multiples (definitely) and about twins (sort of).

It's a brilliant book, and not well known. It's one of those books that's so special and semi-undiscovered that I feel an automatic kinship with others who've read it. Kind of like Quest for a Maid and The Search for Delicious.


  1. This is nice, I like the style of your people! I'll have to check that book out, I'm looking for something good to read!

  2. I like your style and this drawing is great! The book it's a great suggestion, thanks:)

  3. Nice sketch!
    and I love the title of your blog!

    mmm muffins!

    Have a great day
    and hey, thanks for the comment!


  4. you got her hair JUST RIGHT - with one side above the ear and one below!!! i always thought that was weird. :)

  5. Me too! I still don't know if I've ever seen anyone with that haircut. But I think Garet pulls it off nicely here :)



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