Monday, March 10, 2008

Illustration Friday: GARDEN

I have to admit, I had a hard time getting in the mood for this week's topic right away, since we got dumped with a foot of snow this weekend. But I'm more ready for spring than ever, especially as my 40 degree walk home today was full of tiny little rivers of melting snow. Bring on the baseball, the sunshine, and the tomato plants!!

[My garden, as of Saturday afternoon...]


  1. I recognised the tomato plant as one! Love the wry expression.

    Tomato plants are not illustrated nearly often enough.

  2. I enjoyed your entire post! nice to see the current state of your garden, and your hopes for tomorrow or recorded illustration of garden past.. The figures face looks so wistful... I make it as garden future!

  3. Beautiful illustration! I love her expressive face, and the whole composition. Is it pastel, I wonder? It's truly lovely...

    I hope all that snow has started to melt. Like you, I'm so ready for spring! :-)

  4. Thanks for the comments. Janice, wish this was an imagining of my garden this summer, but I only get enough light to grow herbs and leafy greens--no tomatoes (well spotted, Tanaudel!). Maybe this is a garden of the far future! Monica, it is indeed pastel. And the snow started to melt almost immediately-- it fell for 48 hours then melted in about the same time. Crazy Ohio weather!!



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