Sunday, November 2, 2008

Illustration Friday: VACANT

The twelfth princess looked back as she left the grove with the silver leaves. She was sure she'd heard a noise, like a snapping branch. But these woods were vacant, weren't they?

One of the first picture books I remember buying with my own money was the version of The Twelve Dancing Princesses illustrated by Ruth Sanderson. Luckily, Sanderson's style is completely different from mine--realistic oil paintings with exquisite, intricate detail vs. stylized, simplified pastel drawings. Otherwise I think I'd be too intimidated to take on this story--which would've been a shame, because I had a lot of fun with this one.


  1. Beautiful colors and style!

  2. Ha! That's one of my favored fairytales! I love your illo. Thanks for your comment on my work.

  3. A very beautiful work!

    Rui Sousa (O temporário)

  4. Beautiful! I love your bold style!

  5. My mom once gave me a birthday card featuring Ruth Sanderson's painting. My mom is gone, but I still have the card. I thought it was so beautiful!

    I also like your contemporary version! Great colors.

  6. great colors! this is a fantastic illustration; i really love your style :D thanks for the wonderful words on my blog! :)

  7. Lovely. Your leaves look like they are dancing and the yellow on the dress just jumps off the page. Beautiful colors and style.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog.



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