Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vote for Zoo-Mates!

I don't mention my other job-- my day job, real job, paycheck-wielding job, however you want to put it-- very often on this blog, but today I want to highlight a really great program and ask for your support.

I work at the Center for Community Engagement at the University of Cincinnati. One of the coolest programs we get to take credit for is called Zoo-Mates. Zoo-Mates pairs college students with children experiencing homelessness for yearlong mentoring relationships. The pairs meet once a month at the (incredible!) Cincinnati Zoo and once a month at the children's school or another place in the community (the art museum was one!)

I don't run this program--one of our fantastic graduate assistants handles that quite capably--but I tag along whenever I can. You'll see why once you take a look at these pictures and stories:

Now we've stumbled upon an organization called True Hero, which awards funding to deserving student service projects based on votes from community members. So can you do me (and my community! and the kids!) a favor? Click here and vote just once for this fantastic, innovative project, and allow it to keep working.



  1. Hey! I'm catching up with you. Where've you been? No posts since April. You still making art?




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