Monday, January 18, 2010

Nina Outdoors

It's only January, and already I'm tired of winter. I'm ready to be hanging out outside like Nina here. As long as temperatures stay below freezing, though, I may as well use my indoor time to start on a few new illustrations-- and practice doing the same character in multiple scenes, while I'm at it. Next up: color!

p.s. Happy New Year, everyone! By the by, I'm fully committed to calling this year "Twenty-Ten" rather than "Two Thousand Ten." Who's with me?


  1. oh i can't wait to show my nina this drawing. she will think it's the bee's knees!

    p.s you should design the next ohio license plate!

  2. That's right, Aimee, I forgot you have a Nina! Excellent. I hope she enjoys this. Does she like to read in trees, play catch, and/or walk in the rain?

    Unfortunately, Ohio just released a new license plate, so I missed out on that. It's okay looking, but I have one major problem: you can't read the word "Ohio" because it's tiny. We have four whole letters in our state name. It shouldn't be that hard to make them big enough to read, right? I mean, if Massachusetts and Pennsylvania can manage to make theirs readable, it shouldn't be a challenge for little ole Ohio.
    [end rant]



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