Thursday, January 13, 2011

Each Moment

There's a story that goes with this image.  A rather personal one, actually.  But I'll tell it anyway.  It's okay if you don't quite follow the genealogy.  I have a large and lovable family.

First:  my second cousin commissioned this illustration as a Christmas gift for her mother (my Dad's cousin.)  The words are from her late mother (my Grandma's sister, and a poet!)

Second:  For Christmas, I bought a print of this for my paternal grandparents, who just this year celebrated their 60th anniversary.  My parents purchased a print to give to my maternal grandparents, who just this year celebrated their 65th anniversary.

Third:  Just before Christmas, while I was visiting in Ohio, my paternal grandmother spent time in the hospital and very nearly left us--making this illustration quite poignant.  Just after Christmas, while I was visiting in Missouri, my maternal grandfather suffered a heart attack and passed away--making this illustration painfully poignant.  On top of everything, he was both a birdwatcher and a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

So, there's that.  That's the baggage (and the beauty) this image will carry with it for me.  Here, I'd like to dedicate this post to all four of my grandparents, their many years of love, and our large and lovable family.

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