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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Illustration Friday: CHOOSE

This week, I CHOOSE to finish an Illustration Friday entry. I swore to myself that this one wouldn't go the way of my half-finished "Tales and Legends" entry or my discarded "Soar" drawing or the abandoned "Blanket" idea that never made it from my brain to the page. Ah, the power of choice (and, um... snow days.)

Choose to be a treehugger! How?
1. Use both sides of your paper, then make things out of it, then recycle it, then buy recycled paper.
2. Plant a tree. Do it yourself or pay someone else to.
3. Get yourself outside--whether it's your backyard, the park around the corner, or a state park. Spend some time in nature, looking at trees, walking among trees, and if you feel so moved... hugging them.

Why? Because we need trees as much as trees need us.


  1. Thanks for your kind words on my post! We are both thinking trees this week... very nicely done & good advice too. I always feel guilty about the quantity of paper I consume! And I love the bread & justice apron. What a great idea.

  2. I love the work on your blog, and trees are some of my favourite people (we live in the biggest man-made urban forest in the world here). I think artists do really appreciate paper, even if they go through a lot of it.
    Thanks for your comment, and yes, the fish are pink and white marshmallow ones that were always part of the candy selection - don't see them any more, though.

  3. What a wonderfully happy illustration and I couldn't agree more with your message.

  4. your art is so uplifting, as well as your words.

  5. What a nice welcome message that you left for me. I'm appreciating the community of artists that plug into IF and the way that manifests as support.
    Your art is very inspirational and joyous,thankyou.

  6. Great! One of your best for me!

  7. nice work and great read....

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  8. This is wonderful! Makes you just want to go out and hug some trees!Very inspiring!

  9. Love it! We're tree huggers too. I heard a great suggestion yesterday- cut out the back of the envelopes in your junk mail and use them for doodling!

  10. Your artwork is so beautiful!
    Thanks for the visit on my blog.

  11. ooh love this. makes me smile, from one tree-hugger to another, you have captured the sentiment beautifully!



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