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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Superb Owl: a surprise football-themed illustration

Isn't he fancy? I might do him up in color.  Or I might start thinking about this year's "pitchers and catchers report" illustration instead, because spring training starts really soon (yay!) and I actually really don't like football at all. I just like birds and puns.  

And also, the Illustration Friday theme this week is "wings," and I didn't feel like drawing Paul McCartney.


  1. Wasn't Paul McCartney in a band before "Wings"??? :-)

  2. What fabulous illustrations!! And i just LOVE your muffin header with the spatulas and wooden spoons! Lovely use of color. Wonderful work. xox

  3. love this! he is quite exquisite, and very classy. Much better than football, I must say...



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