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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Work and play

After wrapping up a few big projects recently, my "studio" (okay, FINE, the corner of my room with the art desk in it) was sorely in need of both cleaning and cleaning up.  (Seriously, you would not believe the places pastel pencil shavings can end up.)  When I went to organize/neatly stack my chalk pastels, a few tiny leftover bits found themselves homeless:

As a last hurrah, I took them out for a spin on another of the mini pastel boards I bought a few years back.  Voila!

As an illustrator, I tend to pay such close attention to the process of drawing.  I like to think I've learned to loosen up a little bit in my work lately, but even still it's essential to make sure I have a strong composition in place as a guide, so I know pretty well what I'm going to be doing when I finally get around to laying down color.  It's liberating once in a while to skip right to the "painting" part, no planning at all beforehand, just diving right in with pastel.

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