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Friday, February 14, 2014

Here we go, 2014.

Print available for purchase at Imagekind.
This is my seventh year commemorating the start of spring training ("pitchers and catchers report day" for my favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds) with an original baseball-themed illustration.

This year's gesture drawing-inspired illustration features the fastest player in baseball. Seriously, watch Billy Hamilton run. It's a thing of beauty. And he'll be a key factor, one way or the other, for my team this season. So on your mark, get set...  GO BASEBALL GO!!!

Also: I realized after drawing this that I've now done illustrations of the platonic ideals of running, hitting, and pitching (faceless, identity-less everyplayers who were, nevertheless, modeled on Reds!) Next year... defense?

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  2. Amazing Design. You have got excellent talent. I don't know much about painting its looks nice.:) :)



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