Sunday, August 12, 2007

Illustration Friday: EMERGENCY

This illustration dates back to my Illustration II days at the University of Dayton. Our assignment: an editorial illustration. I remembered a recent article in the New York Times that a friend had forwarded along: apparently, the town of Brasstown, North Carolina, the self-proclaimed "Possum Capital of the World," drops an opossum each year at the stroke of midnight on January first (in lieu of Times Square's decidedly overdone and overhyped ball-drop.) This was my editorialized interpretation of the event.

Though it may be a celebrated tradition for the people of Brasstown, for the captured-but-later-released-unharmed possum it must feel like the ultimate emergency-- complete with a running clock, a dangerous drop, and lots of noise and explosions.


  1. Elizabeth,
    Thank you for documenting the plight of the innocent possum. Possums are important. :)

  2. great illo.

    i was attacked by a possum when i was 8 years old! i was trying to feed my dog and it had snuck into our backyard shed where we kept our dog was early before school so it was dark and i couldn't really see so i walked right up to where it was not was really still (playing dead) but because i didn't see it i accidentialy brushed against it with my foot and i guess it thought i was cornering it because it popped up and scratched & bit me! i've never ran so fast in my life!!! i ended up being fine, but i made my dad feed the dog!

  3. Wonderful illo and a fun story! :)

  4. waw, that's a beautiful image---the colors, the perspective, expression---great.



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