Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Illustration Friday: EXCESS

We live in a country full of excessive lifestyles, excessive options, excessive waste, and yet so many have less than they need. I don't know any magic solutions, but I know there's something very wrong with that picture....

p.s. This is an old piece, from college.

p.p.s. Have you seen this? Improve your vocabulary AND the lives of others over at FreeRice. Thanks to my sister Anni for alerting me to this FABULOUS way to waste excess time!


  1. maybe an old piece, but still strong!

  2. I like the message of this piece. I also like how you layered and made things transparent; it gives the piece an overwelming feeling, almost claustrophobic with excess.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and offering a thoughtful comment.

  3. Also, if you like the rice site visit:

    It is really cool and has cool links, if you have not heard of it before.

  4. Hi there-
    Thanks for all your comments!
    I'm a full time employee for WFM, as an artist...
    My suggestion is to send food images to people who can use them, you can find the addresses of editorial art directors by perousing the magazine & book files at a Barnes & Noble or Borders. Also, there's a cheap resource, Mastheads.org, they have quite a list of art directors and the fee to use it is only $25 for a year.
    Best of luck!

  5. Hey, I just donated 680 grains of rice! : )

    Beautiful piece, and very thought provoking commentary.

  6. I´ve been seeing your web site, very nice! And I like specially this interpretation of the topic "excess", very cool!
    And thanks a lot for commenting on my blog!



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