Thursday, December 4, 2008


Truthfully? I sketched this on the back of an envelope, and I think it's the first thing I've drawn in a month. Oh, except for that doodle face I drew in the middle of a meeting at work today because I just couldn't stand it anymore... and I think one of the guys I was meeting with caught me. Oops. But that's what happens when I have to work nearly every weekend and at least one evening a week over the past month, including tonight and this Saturday. However, this old post says it all, so I will not rant again.

Enough negativity! I was tagged by talented illustrator (and chef, it seems!) Kathleen Rietz to share 7 random things about myself. I promise no negativity forthwith.

1) I acted in The Wizard of Oz twice: as the Wicked Witch of the West in 7th grade and as a munchkin in 10th. The first time was more fun because, let's face it, nothing beats a dramatic death scene that includes a trap door and lots of applause.

2) I have never had my driver's license. I didn't get it taken away, I was just a very busy 16-year-old.

3) I would really like to find a copy of the first edition of The Ordinary Princess (by M.M. Kaye) because I LOVE the book but hate the cover of the new version. Yes, I often judge books by their covers. I know I shouldn't, but I like to think it's an illustrator's prerogative.

4) I've always said that my favorite movie is The Princess Bride. Lately I've been thinking I should re-evaluate, because it seems unlikely that nothing since childhood rates. Candidates for the title of "new favorite" would have to include Amelie, Empire Records, and Millions.

5) I believe the Cincinnati Reds will contend in 2009. Or 2010. Either way, we're coming, so watch out National League. Also, I once convinced my high school to close school for Opening Day.

6) When the weather's not too awful and the hour's not too late, I walk to and from my day job... uphill both ways. (And, okay, downhill both ways, too.)

7) I made my first mix CD my first summer home from college, when I wanted to bring music from my computer into the kitchen while I made a pile of salami roll-ups for some now-forgotten event. I named that "Salami Mix," so every mix since has gotten a food name: Guacamole, Snickerdoodle, Lemonade, Falafel, Parsley, and Zucchini.

So now you know me just a bit better. I hope to be back to drawing and posting art soon!

Oh, I forgot-- I'm supposed to tag more people to pass this thing-a-ma-jig forward. So you're up, Aimee, Lindsay, Beth, and Gina.


  1. This is great- I would love to be wisked away by a hot air balloon!

  2. nice little illustration!

    (btw, i love to draw on envelopes!)

  3. The perfect escape!

    Used to love West Wing...

  4. very sweet little drawing.
    sometimes I find my most favorite sketches happen on scraps of paper and not in my sketchbook!
    Thanks for visiting me

  5. I am just trying to imagine NOT having a driver's license. You probably have a lot less headaches, actually. I'd probably give up my car if I moved to the city.

  6. Hi Kate!

    Oh, trust me, there's a decent amount of hassle involved in not being a driver in a city without a subway or light rail system.

    Luckily, the neighborhood I live in has most of my everyday needs (grocery store, library, my job, bank, post office, friends) plus several bus lines. But there are definitely parts of the city that I just can't get to easily, which is frustrating.

    Then again, I don't have to pay for gas or car insurance or spend much of my life on the highway, so I guess it evens out! :)

  7. Two of my best sketches "back in the day" were done as doodles, a self portrait of me playing guitar on an envelope and the portrait of Robert Frost which was done on the back of a mimeographed sheet (which really dates the drawing!). As I recall, one of your teachers liked the sketch so much, she used it for her section on poetry. - Dad



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