Saturday, February 6, 2010

Art? You want art?

Does this count as art? One day I'll post a recipe to this blog for the finest muffins in all the land, but today I bring you the finest brownies in all the land. Enjoy. I know I will.


  1. OMG these look so good they really must be the finest.
    And I'm glad you went back to your Nina drawing, We all know that feeling when drawings do that, but looking at her now I can't imagine it ever being at "that" stage ... great movement and color, nice!

  2. Ha ha, you have a very entertaining blog! Love your sense of humor. I should read that Kingsolver woman, love how you took her quote for the name of your blog. A very nice drawing, too, the blog heading: why isn't that in your shop? A print of that would go well in any kitchen! Thanks for your comment.. I usually do fuller drawings..

  3. Thanks, Kitty! You should definitely read Barbara Kingsolver-- she's my favorite author who doesn't write for kids. My blog's name , though, comes from a quote from my favorite TV show, The West Wing.

    And a good point on the muffin illustration. I'll definitely add it to my shop.

    Thanks for visiting!!



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