Saturday, March 10, 2012

Energy Hog Art - finished!

Final art for the Energy Hog coloring book project for the Alliance to Save Energy.  Can't wait to see these images in the final product!  (Which will include their text on how kids can save energy.  The captions here are my own short explanations.)  I've very much enjoyed working on this project and hope kids enjoy coloring them and learning about practical ways to save energy and live a little more sustainably and earth-friendly.
Energy Hogs are things that take more energy than they need.
You can find them all over the house...
Keep the refrigerator door closed whenever possible.
Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.
Turn off the light switch when you leave a room.
Turn off electronics like video games, TVs, and computers when you're not using them.
CFL light bulbs save energy--so they're not Energy Hogs!
If you find the Energy Hogs in your own house, you can save energy, too!


  1. This looks so cool Elizabeth! I'd love to see the actual finished book sometime when I have a chance. Take care!

  2. Fun stuff! How do we get to see the finished product?



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