Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Glimpse (or Klimt!) into the Past

My cousin Emma is almost exactly ten years younger than me and is now studying art at my alma mater (what up, University of Dayton!)  Ten years isn't all that long in the world of higher education, and so in a lot of ways, Emma is following in my artistic footsteps:  taking the same classes, often with the same instructors, and even sometimes doing the same projects.  Today, she was treated to these two preliminary paintings I did way back in my Painting I class my junior year of college:

The project, if I remember correctly, was to do a self-portrait in the style of a master portraitist from art history.  My choice:  Gustav Klimt.  In preparation, we created these two paintings:  a representation of one of our chosen artist's portraits, and a detail of our own portraits.  

Talk about a blast from the past!  I hadn't thought about these paintings in years.  I'm heading home to Cincinnati to visit my parents in a few weeks and now want to dig up and photograph the final painting I did for this project, a full-body portrait with lots of bright, smeary, patterny colors and only the face and hands in precise detail.  I also want to start doing more bright, smeary, patterny colors in my pastel drawings sometime soon.

Thanks to Emma for sharing this.  

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