Monday, November 5, 2012

A new blog for a special project (& other internet things).

I've started a new blog!  Inspired by Summer Anne Burton's Every Hall of Famer project and spurred on by my need to warn up my drawing skills, I've decided to draw every member of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.  (That's 81 players, eep!  No deadlines, though, thank goodness.)  I've set up a new blog to track my progress and showcase my results on the project at

I'll still use this blog for everything else I draw, as well as some occasional check-ins on that project and maybe even some behind-the-scenes stuff (I already have a post in mind about one particularly challenging drawing) but I definitely encourage you to bookmark that project as well.  Should be fun!

I'm also a few other places online that I'm not sure if I shared here yet:

Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter (I'm new there and scared and need friends!)

Follow me there to stay updated on all my artistic exploits, and probably also my thoughts on other things.  I do have thoughts!

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