Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cincinnati + Louisiana + Love =

My cousin Meghan (from Cincinnati) is marrying Klint (from Louisiana) in Cincinnati this coming spring, and they asked me to do a custom illustration for their Save the Date postcards.  They came to the project with a specific design in mind, to combine their two rooted places into one image and also to highlight the location of the wedding--and I had a lot of fun executing the idea!  I love the Cincinnati skyline and the suspension bridge, and the fleur de lis makes a beautiful, recognizable framing device.  I'm really happy with how it turned out:
Hey, I get to go to a wedding!

Thanks for the opportunity, Meghan and Klint!


  1. Looks great! and just think of all the refrigerators your artwork is now hanging on!

  2. LOVE IT! -Refrigerator -- No way- mine's in a frame!! Of course I am the MOB!



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