Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Batting Average Joe, or Flying Pygmalion, or Choose Your Own Baseball Adventure

This guy started out as one of my Reds Hall of Famers (I'm up to 17 portraits over there, hey hey!) Somewhere along the way he stopped looking anything remotely like the intended player.  But I just like him too much to lose him to the giant Discarded Mistake Pile in the Internet Sky.  I like the drawing itself, for one (I've really come to love cross-hatching, haven't I? When did that happen?) Also, I think the man himself is quite handsome.  Definitely easy on the eyes.

So what tales can be told here? Anyone care to give our Player to be Named Later a name? A position? An OPS and/or WHIP? Just don't try to steal him for another team. The wishbone C is non-negotiable.

Side note: "Batting Average Joe" could be a decent nickname for Joey Votto. "On-Base Percentage Joe" might be more accurate, but it doesn't have the same poetry to it. That being said, not much could top "The Say Eh Kid" in the Votto nickname department. 

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