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Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas cards are here! I used an illustration from last fall, but had to make my own envelopes because I couldn't find any to fit my 4x6 cards. No matter--another opportunity to creatively recycle is always welcome.

Meanwhile, things are slooooow at work, with students gone for the break--and many faculty and staff, too! I found myself doodling some seasonally-appropriate doodles during the slowest points...

I LOVE this time of year!
So here's wishing YOU (and our neighborhoods and world) a beautiful holiday season and a new year of PEACE, hope, and joy.

Now off to write on these aforementioned cards and maybe make some Chai snickerdoodles if there's time.

Edited, to add: So the minimum order of cards I could order was way more than my number of family and friends--and I actually have a rather large family. So if you'd like a little holiday greeting from an aspiring illustrator in Cincinnati, email me a mailing address. (I'd do a giveaway so you could use the cards yourself, but I doubt many of you want to send Christmas cards with the Cincinnati skyline on them...)

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  1. I gave you a blog award and a link from my blog.

    Have to give some BLOG LOVE to my fellow Cincinnatian Illustrator!

    visit to see what to do.



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