Friday, February 26, 2010

Nina Plays Catch

The second finished illustration in my Nina series.  (Check out the original sketch and the first illustration, if you like.)  One more to go, then who knows?  I might need to think up a new promotional piece to design and send out.  As for Illustration Friday's theme of "perspective," the connection's in the process.  Those legs and their foreshortening gave me fits, but I'm pleased with how they turned out in the end.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for visiting my blog. I really like your magazine illustration cover! Have a great day, Heather

  2. Nice illustrations and great blog..

  3. thanks for the comment. I like your work here. You have a great way of building up color. Do you work with pastels?

  4. Yes, I work with pastels. Thanks for stopping by!



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