Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nina Reads in a Tree

The last in this little series of illustrations features our intrepid heroine Nina reading her favorite adventure novel from her perch in a tall tree.  When I was Nina's age, I would occasionally take a book up into a tree in my backyard.  It was not the most comfortable place to read, so I didn't do it often.  But it seemed like something a character in a book would do--one of those girl protagonists* who were kind of like me, but a bit braver, a bit more witty, a bit more exciting. 

And with that, I'm going out for a walk.  It's over 60 degrees in Ohio in March... this I must enjoy while it lasts!


  1. I would do the same thing! (And it's even more book-heroine-ish if you eat an apple at the same time. Calls for multitasking skills, though...)

    Incidentally, I LOVE your "Yes, we can. Literally." illustration--we do hundreds of quarts of canning every year, so it makes me smile!

  2. Bravery associated with reading, now that's a great concept and well done!

  3. I did exactly the same! Seemed very Anne of Green Gables-ish, romantic and peaceful, but in reality it was uncomfortable and a bit scary. I guess it depends on the tree.

    Love this! And thanks for your wonderful comment on my own IF brave piece!

  4. Great work!!


    (thanks for comment my picture ;)

  5. As always, I love your vibrant colors and style. I'm afraid of heights, so climbing up a tree is truly brave to me :o)

  6. my nina is loving this series!

  7. The colors in that are lovely and glowing! Makes me want to find a book and a tree, asap.

  8. Nice simple shapes and earthly colors! Works well :)



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